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Jody McCulloch of in the Edmonton,Alberta area is a *** artist.She has scammed several people out of their money.

She takes our $600 for training sessions and does not compelte the sessions. She does not return calls or emails. She is now living outside the Red Deer area and taking money from new victims. We can't seem to contact her as she has dropped off the grid.

We are all considering a class action suit. She claims to have breast cancer but she's well enough to train new dogs and build a new house. This is infuriating! Don't fall victim to this woman's scam!

She is highly personable, charming and knowledgeable which does much to instill confidence in an unsuspecting person. The sad thing is she is very skilled with dogs but if she doesn't finish our training, what would be the point in hiring her at all? So many of us have had to pay more money to other trainers to get the help our dogs need.

Do NOT Hire This Woman!Save your money!

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1305926

She is currently the manager at Pet Valu in Drayton Valley.

to Anonymous123 #1315577

Ya if thats what you want to call her.Lol Worst manager in history.

A total $*%(& to work for and incredibly unprofessional. The turnover rate there has been pretty bad since she stepped in.

Shes also never there, so not sure if shes constantly clocked out orrrrr??she lives just north of drayton valley I heard


Works at Drayton Valley Ford as a Finance Officer and goes by Jody Poulin now.


Probably a good place to serve her legal papers.


Just talked to TV news media in her area and they are going to do a feature piece about her and her past as well as interview those saying they've been taken by her.

to Anonymous #1307754

Could you or anyone please tell me what has become of this? Has there ever been a tv news feature piece done about this women scamming all these people out of their money?

Has anyone ever put in a legal complaint or filled legal action against her?


Could we contact the media to have an expose' done on this woman to warn others? As well, isn't this fraud and why aren't local police interested in this pattern of deceit?

to Anonymous Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada #1222383

I was told by a lawyer that if action was not taken within 2 years of the incident date then it is too late.


Agreed the victims are her two kids, Kyle and Meagan. Can you imagine having a person like that for a role model?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #826251

Besides getting scammed, her dog training methods are cruel.We witnessed her kicking her dogs and hitting them with their leashes.

Our dogs were so scared of her after our first session that they stayed huddled in a corner together for over an hour after she left.

Her prong collar techniques made it so my dog got more violent and scared of other dogs, and he walks even worse now on a leash.She's an all around horrible person.


She is going by Colin N Jody Poulin now on Facebook.We also got scammed by her and her so called dog training.

She was very charming and made us feel comfortable with her. Right from the start she claimed she had cancer, and she used this to gain sympathy and to get out of doing sessions. How could we be upset with her not showing if she's going through chemo? She never finished the sessions we paid for and when we needed her advice the most with our dog she wouldn't respond to our calls.

I find it laughable that she told someone she had a stroke. She had a new much younger husband when we met her, and now she has another and lives on a fancy ranch with several horses in Drayton Valley. She's a liar and a scam artist.

Do not trust her.I feel sorry for her kids.

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